Kurt Tucholsky

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Who was Kurt Tucholsky?

Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky (1890 - 1935) moved to Berlin in 1918 after serving on the Eastern Front in World War I. He wrote satirical pieces for cabarets and worked as a journalist at "Die Weltbuehne". He was critical of culture, literature, German militarism and nationalism and the emerging Nazism. He lived in Paris from 1924 - 1928 and in Sweden from 1929 - 1932. He was expatriated in 1933. He committed suicide. - Tucholsky is one of the most outstanding authors Germany has ever produced. Even today, his writings have not lost their actuality, and his insights in the problems and follies of modern life are fresh and interesting. Tip: Try to get your hand on a collection of short stories first, then go on from there.



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