Some terms Bavarian

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What are typical Bavarian expressions?

Some terms Bavarian

Here is a glossary of Bavarian terms, which you might encounter on your visit to Bavaria, or the Munich Oktoberfest:

Fingerhackin: A game in which men link their middle fingers and try to drag the other towards themselves over a table. Very popular.
Schuhplattln: a dance in which men clap the soles of their shoes.
Weisswuerstl: a white frying sausage with a soft center, usually served with sweet Bavarian mustard.
Schweinshaxn: pig's feet
Zsammgsuffana: a person who obviously loves drinking
Noagerlzuzla: describes a person who empties other people's drinks.
Rauchbier: a Bavarian specialty beer, which has a smoky taste
Kaasloawe: a specialty cheese (loaf), with pepper and salt, which is sold at the Wiesen beer tents.
Obazda: name of a Bavarian cheese dish with Camenbert, onion, paprika and spices, sold at the Wiesen beer tents.
Datschi: desert dish, which is made with grainy dough and served flat. Example: Zwetschgendatschi (a sweet dish with prunes)
Neibacha: this term is used to describe fresh pretzels (Wiesnbrezen).



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