St. Nicklas' Day

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What is Nikolaustag or Nicklas´ Day?

St. Nicklas' Day

In Germany, the 6th of December is St. Nicklas' Day (Nikolaustag). The saint brings small gifts to children, who have been good throughout the year. Bad kids get a strap (usually a small bundle of twigs, also sold with bits of candy). The candy is put into polished boots or commercial plastic ones, which kids put in front of their bedroom doors. It is also common for co-workers to distribute candy on that day.



12/7/2007 7:23:38 AM
Suzy Anderson said:

Here in St. Marys, PA we call this holiday Bell Snickel. It comes from our German root.

12/15/2007 7:33:27 AM
Blair said:

Optional what does that mean?I liked the story.
But it is not what I am looking for.Maybe you
could help me.I want to now if christmas is
Jesess birth how did Santa Claus get in it?


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