The Cold War (Kalter Krieg)

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Where can I find info on the Cold War?

The Cold War (Kalter Krieg)

The Cold War (Kalter Krieg)

High school students set up this fascinating web page as a part of their diplomas. The site provides a comprehensive summary of the beginning, duration and end of the Cold War. Topics such as the war conferences, the Teheran Conference, the Yalta Conference, and the Potsdam conference at the end of World War II are all described in detail. The reasons for the Cold War, the idea of the Marshall Plan and the division of Germany into two countries are analyzed. You will get an overview of the Korean war, the Warsaw Pact, the `Blockade`, and the history of the Berlin Wall. As to the end of the Cold War, you will find a description of German politician Willy Brandt's ‘Ostpolitik' and Gorbatchew's reform politics. I was overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of historical information found on this page.



11/7/2006 12:27:56 AM
Toni decker said:

I think that this is alot of good info right here i must say myself.thank you


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