Nikolaustag procedures

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What do people do on Nikolaustag?

Nikolaustag procedures

The 6th of December is St. Nikolaus` Day in Germany. Although this is not a public holiday, it is taken rather serious, and people make an effort to celebrate. It starts the night before, when kids shine their boots and put them in front of their bedroom doors. According to folklore, St. Nikolaus will appear overnight and put little gifts into their boots if they have been `good` throughout the year. `Bad` kids will only receive a bunch of twigs (a birch). Traditional St. Nikolaus gifts include apples, oranges, Christmas cookies, specially wrapped candy, and small toys. There is also an alternative to shoe shining: red "Nikolausstiefel" (St. Nikolaus` boots) made out of plastic, which are sold in all major German grocery stores. They are available empty, or filled with candy. St. Nikolaus is said to resemble Santa Claus, hence the red and fur-trimmed boots (usually cotton). It is customary for co-workers to put candy on each other`s desks early in the morning of December 6th. Some companies choose this date to hold their annual Christmas party. St. Nikolaus, however, does not make a personal appearance on this day, and kids have to wait until Christmas Eve to see `a real Santa`.



12/7/2008 11:21:06 AM
Idon'tgotaname said:

This helped so so much! I needed the info to do a project. I am german, well really everything eruopean, so I loved learning about this. Germany is so cool! I've only been once, but hope to go again in the future!

6/19/2009 6:06:48 AM
kjhk said:

why do they celebrate nikolaustag?


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