Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Who is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Goethe (1749-1832), author of "Faust", is considered to be one of Germany's major classical authors. Throughout his life he was interested in a variety of studies and pursuits, including painting, scientific research, writing and traveling. He also made important discoveries in connection with plant and animal life. His literary output includes poetry, novels and dramas. Goethe is best known for the following works:
- Goetz von Berlichingen, 1773, a drama
- Die Leiden des Jungen Werther, 1774 (an epistolary novel)
- Farbenlehre (Treatise on Color), 1810
- Italienische Reise, 1816-17
- Faust, a drama, completed 1832
Goethe is associated with "Sturm und Drang", German classicism and the "Bildungsroman".



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