Numerus Clausus and the university

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Which university is right for me?

Numerus Clausus and the university

Certain fields of research require a certain level of previous education. If your high school diploma does not meet these demands, you will be excluded from this particular branch of studies. "Medicine" is such a "Numerus Clausus" (closed number) field, meaning that only a particular number of new students is accepted per year. The better your diploma, the higher the chance you will be accepted. It is also possible to get your name on a waiting list. This means you will get notified if a university has room for you. Note: that way, you cannot choose your university and might end up where you feel uncomfortable. Since this procedure changes all the time, it is wisest to go to 'study counselling' (Studienberatung), which is offered for free at most universities and get the latest details. You ought to expect a waiting period of several months until you can get the necessary papers together and reach a final decision about your studies.



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