Foreign languages

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Which languages are taught & do I have a choice?

Foreign languages

All German schools offer courses in at least two foreign languages. Usually, these are English and French. English starts in class 5 (average age 10), French in class 7 (age 12). Some schools offer French first. Grammar schools offer a third language, usually Latin, Greek or Spanish, starting in class 9 (age 14). These languages are not compulsory, as you can take maths (or another subject) instead. Note: for certain fields of study at college, previous studies of Latin are required. 2 years of Latin give you the "Kleines Latinum" (minor Latin), 4 years end with the "Grosses Latinum" (major Latin). It is advisable to take the major Latin exam at school, as it is virtually impossible to take this on the side once you have entered college.



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