Sarkoidosis sufferers - eat onions

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What is Sarkoidosis?

Sarkoidosis sufferers - eat onions

13 years ago, I was diagnosed with sarkoidosis (an autoimmune disease) in stadium 2. There are only 3, the last one can be lethal. I did not want to take cortisone. My doctor recommended eating onions (raw, cooked in butter, sliced on bread ...)and drinking as much onion juice as I could stand. You can get this bottled from a health store or make it with a juicer. It takes about three days until your stomach gets used to this 'diet', but in my case it actually worked. I have been diagnosed as totally healed over 10 years ago, and the disease never returned. I still eat a lot of onions ... The reason this works is that onions are full of anti-inflammatory "stuff" and actually boost your immune system.



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