North and South

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What are the differences between north and south?

North and South

There are many differences between Germans from the north and Germans from the south. It is not only the variety of different dialogues spoken, there are true differences in mentality. This is due to the variety of highly individual Germanic tribes, which settled in different areas during the Voelkerwanderung. Over the centuries, they developed different customs, habits, ways of life, and, last but not least, their own sociolects. Some typical cliches: Northern Germans are said to be taciturn, dry and restrained towards ‘strangers'. Southern Germans are believed to be hospitable, merry and laid back. Northern Germans often view Southerners as being overly concerned with traditions. Southern Germans in turn sometimes regard Northerners as being aloof, detached or simply unapproachable. As usual with these categorizations, there are many exceptions to the rule.



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