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What are "Lebkuchen?´ and when are they sold?

Nuernberger Lebkuchen

Nuernberger Lebkuchen are a German speciality and resemble a gingerbread cookie. They come in different varieties and different qualities. You will get the best deals around Christmas, as that's when they are traditionally eaten. Best stores to buy them: Aldi, Plus, Reichelt, Karstadt, Hertie. Note: most stores sell their surplus at half price after the holidays.

Where can I buy products from the former GDR?

Products from the former GDR

Products from the former GDR: The 'Dresdner Ossi Versandhandel'(Onlineshop) sells a wide variety of GDR-products:

Where can I get cheap souvenirs?

Free postcards

Pick up free postcards at the postoffice or at restaurants, clubs & bars. The cards are usually kept near the telephone/restrooms. You can pick as many as you want. Some carry ads for local events, artists or products, but there is usually enough space for a personal message. After all, they're free. Note: usually you have to pay between DM 0.50 - 1.00 per postcard.

Why buy a Swatch in Germany?

Get a Swatch

Try to buy yourself a Swatch (Swiss watch) while you're over there. They start at DM 39 and can be up to 50 % cheaper than in the US.

Where should I buy flowers?

Buying flowers

There are a lot of flower shops around, but you will get a better value for your money at the nursery or even at the grocery store. Remember that you cannot import flowers to the US. I added this tip, as you might need to buy some for a German friend, or for a business contact.

What is German chocolate like?

Chocolate and other candies

German chocolate makes a great souvenir or gift, first of all, because it is cheap, then, because you can import it to the US. Prices start at DM 0.50 for a bar. Premium brands such as Lindt (DM 2.00 - 4.00) or Merci (ca. DM 3.00) are always a good choice. You may also want to buy some Swiss chocolate, Austrian candy and Belgian chocolate, which are available in most supermarkets and department stores.

Where can I find German bargain books?

Daedalus Books (online at is your best bet when you want to order German books, German music, calendars or stationery from anywhere in the US. No matter what you order, shipping is a flat rate of $ 5. Prices start below $2. It pays to visit often, since quantities are always limited and ever changing.

How can I avoid getting ripped off?

Souvenir scams

Much to my surprise, I found exactly the same souvenir - a sea lion figurine - in a Texan and a German gift store (common denominator: both stores were located on the beach). Both were made in Taiwan. So, look at your souvenirs closely before you buy, a lot of them are nothing but kitsch and junk. Avoid falling for such ridiculous items such as "Berliner Luft", which is a little plastic bag filled with air (supposedly from Berlin) and outrageously expensive. Go for books and postcards instead.

Where can I get cheap souvenirs?

Special seasonal sales

German stores have special sales at least twice per year, the Sommerschlussverkauf (end of summer sale), and the Winterschlussverkauf (end of winter sale). Check your local papers, as times may vary. You'll find clothing reduced up to 80 %. If you want to pick up household stuff, a good time to shop is in January. Most stores hold "household weeks" around this time.

Where can I buy German art online?

Kunstforum art online

Buy German art online at the German Kunstforum.

Go to

Why shop at Woolworth stores?


Woolworth stores may be extinct in the US, but they still exist in Germany. Check them out and get great stuff at competitive prices. You'll also find a lot of clothes, cosmetics, candy, stationary, books and cheap hifi-equipment.

Where can I buy German wellness products?

Living Luxury

Need a German souvenir? No problem - go to Living Luxury. This specializes in German accessoires, products for living, wellness, gourmet cooking and travel.

Where can I buy smokers online?

Micke's favorite site for smokers

Kathe Wohlfahrt, Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Germany
A wonderful site for unique greetings, dolls, linens, clocks, nutcrackers, smokers (my special selections :o), and Christmas ornaments and decorations galore! I`ve bought many `smokers` from them, and can testify to their quality workmanship and ease of ordering and timely shipping. Christmas is a busy season, so get your orders in early!

This is Micke - Senior-Tips Guru :o)

Where can I get information for home improvement?

Home improvement catalog

You can order a free home improvement catalog if you have a German address. Call Impressionen Versand, phone: + (49) 0180 523 2341, fax: + (49) 0180 523 2342, or visit

Where can I buy German souvenirs?

Tyrol International

Tyrol International imports European products and souvenirs into the US - especially arts and crafts from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. At present, shipping is only $ 6, regardless of the quantity. They offer a huge selection of gifts, such as genuine Bavarian walking sticks, nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, crystal, music boxes, stoneware steins, drinking horns, Hummel figurines, Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals by Steiff, clothes, knives and porcelain. Browse their offers online and order a free catalog. Click here:


Where can I buy specialties from Saxony?

Saechsische Spezialitaeten Hartmann GmbH

Groceries and specialties from Saxony's Saechsische Spezialitaeten Hartmann GmbH (Radebeul):

What is "Koelnisch Wasser"?

Koelnisch Wasser

Koelnisch Wasser is a popular type of German Eau de Cologne made by the 4711 company. It is surprisingly good with small wounds and bee stings, too. It comes in bottles of all sizes. It is not too expensive. You can order it in the US from

Where can I buy garden gnomes?


Gartenzwerge (garden gnomes) are very popular in Germany and available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You find them at nurseries, landscape stores, department stores, or at Woolworth. They are either made out of clay or plastic.

Where can I shop for German products online?

TRAVIX online shopping

TRAVIX online shopping is available for people based in Germany:

Where can I get cheap souvenirs?

Avoid getting ripped off

Do not buy souvenirs at the small gift stores you find at the 'landmarks of interest'. Try a big department store. Museum stores also offer a wide range of souvenirs for much better prices than the gift shops. Do not buy postcards at your hotel, as they tend to be more expensive. Go to a stationary store instead. Buy great souvenirs for almost nothing at the local flea markets. Most big towns have at least one.

Where can I get authentic German recipes?

The Best of My Grandmother's German Cookery

The Best of My Grandmother's German Cookery is a cookbook with 270 German recipes in English. It costs $ 12,95 and $ 3,20 for s&h. Call toll free for details: 1 - 800 - 410 - 214.

Where can I order catalogs online?

TRAVIX Catalog Center

The TRAVIX Catalog Center caters to people based in Germany:

Where can I get free catalogs?

Free catalogs from Katalogkommt

Order German catalogs online, most of them are free:

Where can I get the Berlin watch?

Get the Berlin watch

The Berlin watch features the Brandenburg Gate and is available from Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. Send your enquiry to BVG, Potsdamer Str, 188, D - 10783 Berlin. If in Berlin, go to Pavillon Zoo, Hardenbergplatz (in front of train station Zoo). Open daily 6:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.. - The watch costs DM 70.

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