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How do I get health insurance?

Emergency doctor Berlin

If you are in Berlin you can reach an emergency doctor by calling:

192 42

How can I get rid of sore gums?

Mouth/tooth/gum problems

Ask for Dynexan Gel at your local German pharmacy. This gel stops the pain fast, gets rid of inflamation & even has a nice taste. It is made by Kreussler Pharma. My German dentist recommended it.

How can I save money buying medicine?

Ratiopharm generic products

Ratiopharm medication is a cheap and effective alternative to more expensive drugs. Make sure to ask your pharmacist if he has a similar ratiopharm product for a brand name article. Some pharmacies advise you in the first place, other do not, so do ask.

How can I find a doctor who speaks English?

Find a doctor who speaks English

If you are unable to make yourself understood chances are a visit to the doctor will not do you much good. Try to find a doctor who speaks English. Enquire when you make an appointment with the receptionist. A list of doctors can be found at the end of your local German phone directory.

Where can I get help for health emergencies?

Checklist: Health and Emergencies

This is a great checklist about health and emergencies:

Checkliste Gesundheit und Notfallhilfe:

How can I reach a dentist in Berlin?

Berlin emergency dentist

The emergency dentist service in Berlin can be reached by calling:

8900 44 33

Are there emergency rooms in Germany?

Emergency rooms

Every German hospital has an emergency room, and the procedure is similar to emergency rooms in the States. Expect to have to wait, take cash, do not panic.

Where can I find information on AIDS?

AIDS Help Germany

The German AIDS Help (die Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V) provides information about HIV-infections and AIDS, tips how to cope with the disease and lots of addresses.

What kind of OTC-medicines should I bring to Germany?


Aspirin is more expensive in Germany than it is in the US. Try to bring your own supply from home. If you run out & need to buy some aspirin in Germany, get the Ratiopharm brand (it is cheaper than others). Ask for it at any German pharmacy (Apotheke).

What can I do against bad breath?

Bad breath remedy

Go to your local German pharmacy and request STOZZEN pills. They work effectively for people with bad breath or other BOs. Available without a prescription, the main ingredient is chlorophyll. And yes, they work.

Why do I need a family doctor?

Family doctor, GP

Finding a family doctor right away is essential if you plan to stay in Germany for longer. The family doctor does routine check ups and bloodtests. He is the first person to approach if you need to see a specialist. He usually has a list of recommendations for you. He also helps you get into a hospital if necessary.

How do I get rid of a sore throat?


Salbeibonbons (a certain kind of lozenge) are sold at pharmacies. They are inexpensive and help with colds, flu, throataches, gum problems and bad breath. Think of them as a medical candy.

What can I do against migraines?

Migraines, rheuma, skin problems

If you are on a trip to Germany & suffering from migraines, rheuma and skin problems, you might want to try out 'Fette Totes Meer Badesalz' (Dead Sea bathsalts). It is available in German pharmacies, and it is not expensive.

What should I have checked in my blood test?

Blood test

It is common for German doctors to advise you to take an annual blood test. You may have some choices as to what you want done. Do at least cholesterol, liver, blood count and a test for inflammation.

How can I reach a doctor in an emergency?

24-hour emergency doctor for Berlin

The 24-hour emergency doctor service can be reached at:

31 00 31

How much do I have to pay for a dental appointment?

Dental appointments

German health insurance will only reimburse you for your visit to the dentist if you go every 6 months. You will get a stamp for each visit. If major work is done you will get up to 60 % of the total cost back. Just a check up does not cost you anything. - If you do not have insurance you can go to the dentist as a private patient. Be sure to call ahead and inquire if the dentist accepts this method of payment.

How do I hire a visiting nurse?

Visiting nurses

Visiting nurses are either sent out directly from the hospital, or they may come from a private agancy. If you are a tourist and do not have German health insurance you should check the local phone directory for a list of such private agancies (special section, usually at the back of the book).

Where can I get tips for getting rid of my bad cold?

Bad cold health tips

Suffering from a bad cold? Check out this German page for help:

How can I find a doctor who speaks English?

Health services in Berlin

This portal/site offers a comprehensive list of health services available in Berlin and its surrounding area.

Where can I buy German health products in the US?

German health products

Order German health products, such as Freioel and Allgaeuer Latschenkiefer Franzbranntwein from Or call them toll free for more information: 1 - 800 - 252 - 0275.

What kinds of remedy exist for minor sports accidents?

Sports accidents

Go to your local pharmacy and ask for VOLTAREN Schmerzgel. It helps with swelling, pain, rheumatism, muscle cramps, joint pain, backpain and other minor sports injuries.

Whom can I contact if I need psychotherapy?


The "Bundesverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen" (BDP) and the "Psychotherapie-Informationsdienst" (BID) help German-speaking individuals with personal problems, such as anxiety or other psychological disorders. Go to www.bdp-verband-org for infos about BDP, or contact PID by calling 0228-746699.

What are Kampfhunde?

Kampfhunde - attack dogs

If you want to keep your health, beware of Germany's infamous Kampfhunde (attack dogs). A 6-year-old kid was recently attacked and killed. His head was partially torn off. Urgh! A law regulating the ownership of such dogs is being discussed, but has not been implemented yet. Any dog resembling a pitbull running free is highly dangerous!

How do I get rid of a sore throat?

Klosterfrau Melissengeist

Klosterfrau Melissengeist is a liquid cold and flu remedy. It has been around forever and is a true brand name. It also works if you are suffering from muscle aches or back pains. Contains alcohol. Available at pharmacies.

How do I get health insurance?

Health insurance

Everybody working in Germany must have health insurance. If you are a foreigner come to work for a particular company, the company will probably help you find an insurer. If you do not have insurance and cannot get help, get quotes from the following national insurers: AOK, BEK, Techniker Krankenkasse. Check your local phone directory for branches in your town. Shop around.

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