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Where can I find information about Loewe?

Loewe Electronics and Hifi

Loewe specializes in hifi equipment and electronics. Check out their products at

Wgere can I get information on German stocks?

German stocks

You can check prices and charts for German stocks online at

Where can I get info on travel insurance?

Hanse Merkur travel insurance

Hanse Merkur Germany has updated its program concerning travel insurance. Find out details at:

Where can I find information about IBM Germany?

IBM Germany

IBM Germany has put up an interesting website:

Where can I find information about Thyssen Krupp Steel?

Thyssen Krupp Steel

Thyssen Krupp Steel has put up an infoline:

01802 - 252 252.

Calling possible in Germany only. 12 Pfennig per minute. You can find similar info at:

Where can I find information about Audi cars?

The new Audi A 2 is available!

The German car company Audi has a new model. Go to

to check it out.

Where can I find information about Kempe Jewelry?

Kempe Jewelry

Kempe has been selling fine watches and jewelry since 1878. To find out more about the company, go to:

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