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Where do I get a free newsletter on German business matters?

Free newsletter from Infoquelle

Go to

to get their free newsletter for businesses

Where can I get tips for surfing the internet?

Surftips newsletter (in German)

Get a free newsletter with lots of tips for surfing the Internet at:

The newsletter is great!

Where can I get info on German chatroom lingo?

German chatroom abreviations list

Visiting a German chatroom and getting confused by all these weird abreviations? Get a comprehensive list here:

Where can I get free newsletters?

Free Muntermacher-newsletter

A newsletter ‘to put you in a good mood' is available here for free:

Where can I promote my music for free?

German musicians wanted

Attention German bands! Do you have something to promote? You can do it right here on my site. Please contact me for details, or send material to:

Where can I get free information on internet safety?

Safety online

This German article provides useful information on internet safety:

Where do I go for free newsletters from Germany?

Free newsletters in German

Newscheck Germany

is a great portal with links to all kinds of German newsletters, especially good for business or financial information, culture, health, current events and learning German.

Where can I get free downloads for cell phones?

Free downloads for cell phones

Free downloads (melodies) for cell phones are available here:

Where can I get free health tips?

Free downloads from Barmer

Barmer is a German health insurance company. Their webpages are excellent. Among tons of information (topic of the month, health news, free newsletter ...) you can download a free screensaver, examples for German job applications and resumes, play games and even order a free CD-Rom if you have a German address (or relatives in Germany). This site rocks!
Copy and paste this into your browser:

Where can I submit my website for an award?

German Internet Awards Page

Awards Germany lists 2500 internet awards. If you feel your homepage deserves one send them your application. Go to:

Where do I get a free cooking newsletter in German?

Free newsletter from Chefkoch

Check out

a great German 'gourmet' page with infos, tips and recipes, everything about cooking and planning your meals. With a free newsletter. In German.

Where do I get info on German freebies?

Kostnix Freebies

Interested in free stuff available in Germany and/or online? Go to:

This is a German freebie page with free greeting cards, interesting offers and a free weekly newsletter.

Where can I get free samples of German products?

Free samples of products

Free samples for people based in Germany:

Where can I take a virtual trip through Berlin?

Virtual trip through Berlin

A virtual trip through Berlin. This is an Internet game. You are a private detective and have to find your way through the ‘Grosstadtdschungel' (metropolitan jungle). This is great fun.

Where can I get a free counter for my homepage?

Free counter for your homepage

Grab a free counter for your homepage from this German site:

Where can I get free CDS?

Free PhotoPrint CD from HERMA

Are you based in Germany and would like to get a free HERMA PhotoPrint Creative CD?

Click here:

Where can I get free crossword puzzles?

Free Crossword Puzzles

German pharmacies are giving away free crossword puzzle booklets. Added bonus: free health tips. Go to any pharmacy and get your free copy!

Where do I go for free downloads from Germany?

Online downloads

Lots of German companies order free downloads and newsletters. Check out the Tip company section for links!

What are the best search engines for Germany?

TRAVIX Search Engine

Check out this search engine for Germany:

TRAVIX search engine:

Where can I meet Germans online?

TRAVIX Forum for Singles

The TRAVIX forum for singles will help you to meet Germans:

Where can I brush up my German?

Free newsletter from Germancorner

Attention Americans and Canadians! A fee monthly newsletter is available here:

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