German souvenirs for the holidays

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Where can I buy German christmas ornaments?

German souvenirs for the holidays

For every imaginable Christmas decoration you could dream of, this is the site: Kathe Wohlfahrt. My favorites are the "Smokers", small/medium/large in size, hand-carved wooden stand-up "dolls` (beautifully painted and decorated) with an empty `belly` where you can place incense, then the `smoke` emits through the mouth as a pipe-smoking novelty. I have a collection of eleven so far, that I proudly display on my mantle. Also to be prized are their German Stoneware Beer Steins, pewter tree ornaments, goblets, Schnapps beaker, dolls, linens and so much more quality items. A very trusted company by me! (Note: site in both English and Deutsch)



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