German Food

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What best describes German Food?

German Food

What word best describes German Cuisine?
When it comes to stimulating your taste buds, German Food certainly makes a lasting impression. This is not to say that German Food is very spicy, such as Indian Food or Mexican. It can be, but the secret of German cooking simply lies in using the ingredients necessary for creating a savory meal. Real butter for example, onions, garlic, lots of meat and vegetables, love of preparation and, most important of all: Time. Different flavors and seasonings need time to combine, merge and permeate.
Therefore, you will find it challenging to locate a German Fast Food joint. There is no such thing. Whatever you order in a traditional German restaurant is made from scratch with the exception of ingredients that need to be prepared days in advance, such as marinated meat, vegetable stock and the like. And even that only serves one purpose: Enriching the taste.
Does that mean you have to wait longer for your food?
Yes, and that is precisely where German Beer comes into play.



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