Tall, blond, blue eyes

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Are all Germans tall and blond?

Tall, blond, blue eyes

The old cliché has it, that physique and appearance of all Germans follow a certain guideline.
This is not true. When hair is concerned, Germany has it all: brunettes, red heads, the jet blacks, and yes, a healthy share or blondes. Blondes usually have blue eyes and some of them are tall. That's it. All other types can be described as being mixtures of the above and as diverse at it gets.
It is important to note that Germany sits right in the center of Europe and is surrounded by nine other countries. So even if it once was predominantly Nordic, it would have changed quickly. In southern Germany, for example, there has been an influx of Italians, particularly during the Roman Empire. Hence, some Mediterranean complexion was added to the gene pool. Many other influences contributed from all directions, and so, today, the German population is quite colorful indeed.
By the way, the tall blondes all came from Sweden. That's what they say, anyway.



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